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Changes to BZSmod development and PR

It has been a long time ago since the forum was properly used, the occasional mail we get about new post usually comes from a spambot that consider our off-topic section to be of special interest... (i wonder why).

While it has been very quiet here, we certainly have progressed a lot with the mod. Most of our communication currently occurs at Moddb and our secondary channel is Facebook.

You will find images and videos at moddb, some but not all can also be found on facebook. Over time this site will be updated to present more visual content of our progress.

To sum up what have happened since the last post on this site:

  • A lot of developers has left the development; We are currently 3 core developers and a few who might aid us from time to time.
  • The size of the project has been decreased dramatically, our first release might very well be our last - as such we aim to make a release that have polished features only.
    • Combo melee system has been implemented
    • Several issues has been fixed
    • The design document has been updated.
    • Blocking and new ranged attacks are WIP, partly working.

Follow us on moddb to get the latest news.

Mapping initiated and coding in progress

As all the mappers had left BZS , we were looking for new ones just before June.

Ron aka DocRock and Daniel aka sToP! joined the mod, and have just started mapping after today's meeting.

Among the things debated, was game modes and movability. Though game modes isn't a high priority in our milestones, Daniel and Ron will ensure that there will be more focus on game modes in our development and make some interesting maps that utilizes the game play.

They are both known for their excellent Half-Life maps, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with for BZS.

Meanwhile we finally got a good bug tracker, which made issue handling that much better. Currently the small bugs in the class selection is being fixed, so we can proceed with the rest without the interface being against us.

Menghock won't be working before September, he is writing his master in computer science. At BZS we wish him the best for his paper and exam.



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